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Discover engaging Creative Art Classes for Kids and Adults at Art Smart Program. Our interactive courses inspire young minds through painting, drawing, and crafting. Join us for a fun, educational experience that nurtures creativity and artistic skills in a supportive environment. Enroll your child today and unleash their artistic potential!

What Art Smart is all about!

Art Smart Program is the center for your creative fun! We offer a range of activities and art classes for kids, skids’ birthday parties and adult ones too, and even vacation camp. Our philosophy isn’t looking outside of the box, it’s creating the box itself!

We love to have fun, maybe in the culinary studio competing in a cake war challenge or creating a masterpiece in the painting or ceramic studio. We want you to express yourself through the arts and feel great about your individual creativity.

Our Programs

Here are our upcoming programs at Art Smart. Please contact us with any program specific questions or to find out more.

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Why choose Art Smart?

Our Mission


Inspiring Real Creations

We emphasize the art-making process with children to encourage them to experience personal growth, self-expression, and wellness.


Designed Environment

Our studio environment is important to create a space for your child to feel welcomed to be who they are, give them the opportunity to explore different mediums, and nurture their individuality while they learn to be part of a larger creative environment and connect with others.


Personal Guidance And Support

Each child is unique and wants to be heard. Art Smart provides a safe place to express themselves through the creative process, guidance in reaching their goals, and support in learning to problem solve through learning.

Showing off

Our Projects

Donna Madoff

has been teaching art to children for over 25 years. Through the arts, she has provided an opportunity for children to foster friendships, develop their artistic abilities, and communicate their ideas by guiding, observing, and analyzing the mediums they use.